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Elisabeth Mack

Welcome to the Holistic Caring Network!

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About Us

Since 2016, Holistic Caring has provided direct education and care management to patients. However, millions of people need help - far more than we can ever provide ourselves. 

Today, we are changing the paradigm of healthcare so all medical cannabis patients will have a trained provider so that they can have cannabinoids in their healing toolkit- either as an exclusive medicine or in combination with traditional pharmaceuticals. 

To that end, we offer comprehensive education, training, and robust toolkits to health care professionals, nurses, coaches, advocates, patients, and pioneers.

Why You Should Join

Discover a unique blend of evidence-based science & business concepts to enhance your proficiency in cannabis medicine within your practice. Our 5 specialized programs offer continuing education units for Registered Nurses, equipping you with knowledge, research, tools, and community support to guide clients and patients in their pursuit of cannabis medicine solutions. 

Our professional programs prioritize clinical applications for optimizing cannabis use, while our industry-focused programs offer the necessary medical context, tailored to the global wellness market.

Start and complete your studies on your own schedule, free from semester limitations. Holistic Caring delivers outstanding value, offering a unique blend of premium content, practicality, and quality. 

Our programs are open to individuals from various educational and professional backgrounds. Registered Nurses can earn Continuing Education Credits, with potential to earn up to 30 units across different programs. Furthermore, we provide a comprehensive ‘business in a box’ toolkit to facilitate the launch of your turn-key practice. Engage with our mastermind panels, diving into clinical case studies, business development, and effective marketing strategies.

Program Details

CBD Health Coach Certification Program

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A Big Thanks

Of course a big thanks to God. Throughout my journey, faith has become an integral part of my success and being able to see my vision through. Next, I would like to thank the people who to helped to bring my vision to fruition: my curriculum designer, marketing consultant, web developer, and of course to my partners helping to build the marketplace. Last but not least, my loving and supportive niece, Danielle, for all of her encouragement during this process.

~Elisabeth Mack, RN, BSN, MBA Founder and CEO of Holistic Carin